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谷歌浏览器插件Scrollbar of Contents 在滚动条旁边创建可单击的导航标记

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Scrollbar of Contents 是一款浏览网页的辅助插件,具体功能是在滚动条旁边创建可单击的锚文本导航标记,方便在页内跳转。有助于快速找到所需内容,它们在浏览长网页时特别有用,比如如上图所示的维基百科网页。

Scrollbar of Contents 插件之前在CNET,Lifehacker和Mashable上有推荐过。

Creates clickable heading markers next to the scrollbar.
This extension creates clickable markers for all the headings on a webpage and places them proportionately next to the scrollbar.

The markers enable you to jump between different sections of the page and help to quickly find what you are looking for. They are especially useful when navigating long webpages.

Featured in CNET, Lifehacker and Mashable.

How to use:

• After a page is loaded, click on the extension icon on the toolbar to display the heading markers.

• Click on a marker to scroll to the corresponding section.

• You can minimize, hide, or show the markers using these keyboard shortcuts:
⁃ show/hide ( Shift + Alt + v )
⁃ minimize/maximize ( Shift + Alt + b )

• You can customize the behavior of this extension on the options page.

View the source code, contribute, report issues, or request new features here:

Thanks for your comments and suggestions, keep them coming!

Scrollbar of Contents v0.3.0