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Scroll to Top by singleclickapps这个插件提供了非常简单的功能,就是回到网页的顶部。



Just a Scroll to Top Button
Click the button and scroll the current page back to top.

We all spend a lot of time on the Internet browsing different websites. But with the increasing popularity of infinite-scrolling sites the option to quickly scroll to the top of the page has become more important than ever. Let’s say you’re checking your Google+ or Facebook, you keep scrolling and scrolling to see more updates and at some point, you’ve been scrolling for so long that it would take forever to scroll to the top. Sure, you can use your keyboard button for that or you can use your mouse scroll wheel but to me, simply clicking a button is the most easier and natural way to scroll to top.

Scroll to top is a simple and lightweight extension which provides you with the ability to scroll to the top of the page with one single click on the toolbar icon.

There are several extensions that do the same in the chrome store, but I wanted something simple and lightweight — just a toolbar button that does the job, without fancy animations and complicated options. So I made this.

Please, remember that this extension doesn’t work on each and every page. It works in most sites (tested with twitter, facebook, deviantart and many others) but it will not scroll up browser’s internal pages (settings, history etc.) and some complicated web pages. If it doesn’t work for you, please, don’t hate me too much. You can at any time remove the extension from your browser (right-click on the “Scroll to Top” ico and select “Remove from Chrome”).

Scroll to Top by singleclickapps v2.1.1.0