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谷歌浏览器插件ScriptSafe 只对我允许的域名开启 javascript

效率工具 chrome插件网 扫描二维码分享

ScriptSafe 只对你允许的域名开启 javascript,让您的上网更安全。

v1.0.8.x – “Can’t Touch This”

v1.0.8.1-4 – Friday, July 8, 2016
– I’ve translated ScriptSafe into 46 languages! These translations are not perfect or complete, so I welcome anyone to help translate. Currently supported: English and Japanese.
— Note: in v1.0.8.4 I’ve reverted back to support for English and Japanese.
– Updated the panel to better adjust to translations that have long phrases (e.g. changed “Rating” button to a star icon with a description on hover)
– Added ability on the Options page to quickly move whitelist/blacklist entries to the other list (e.g. move a whitelist entry to the blacklist)
– Enhance “Prevent Clipboard Interference” feature to protect against execCommand(‘copy’) and execCommand (‘cut’) calls
– Fix issue where some elements were not being listed under “Blocked Items”

ScriptSafe v1.0.9.3