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谷歌浏览器插件Scener 虚拟影院插件 跟朋友一起看视频并支持远程互动

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Scener 是一款虚拟影院插件,可以通过Scener 视频聊天与朋友远程互动,同时观看您喜爱的网络节目。

The virtual movie theater where you can interact with friends remotely over video chat while watching your favorite programs.
Currently available for use with the following streaming services, as accessed via Chrome web browser: HBO NOW, HBO GO, and Netflix.

With this free add-on, you can synchronize playback in order to watch your favorite shows and movies from HBO NOW, HBO GO, or Netflix with friends (who each have their own account) while chatting together over video, audio, or text.

Binge entire seasons together from afar — while hanging out over video chat. Host a group of friends for movie night, even if you can’t be together. It’s the perfect antidote to social distancing.

Install Scener in seconds to create a private theater where you and your friends can watch together.

Scener v4.0.18


Scener v6.0.2


Scener v7.0.23.0


Scener v7.0.26.0