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谷歌浏览器插件Redbooth for Chrome 简单轻巧的项目管理辅助插件

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Redbooth for Chrome是一款项目管理辅助插件,比较简单轻巧。

Manage your projects from Chrome, create tasks and review your dashboard in real-time.
Easily manage your Redbooth tasks in real-time

Redbooth’s Chrome extension simplifies task and project management for your whole team. Add it to Chrome to expand your ability to manage tasks from anywhere on the web.

New to Redbooth? Redbooth Free works for 2 users and many of our best features so you can get started right away.

** Real-time Project Management

– Instantly view project updates and notifications
– Track Time with our new start-stop timer (Pro and Business only)
– Create new tasks from anywhere
– Comment on any task in an instant

Redbooth for Chrome v2.1.2