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谷歌浏览器插件Price Tracker – Auto Buy, Price History 价格跟踪插件 查看商品价格历史

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Price Tracker 是一款加价格跟踪插件,可以比较商品价格,查看商品价格历史、自动提交订单购买,是indiadesire出品的一款插件。

Price Tracker – Features: Price Graph History, AutoBuy in flash sale, Set Price drop Alerts Ecommerce Sites
Price Tracker :

– Support for Autobuy Realme 5i and Honor 9X on flipkart Added
– Auto Payment Selection For Flipkart Checkout (No Personal Information Asked Only Payment Option)
– Price Drop Alert Feature has been Launched in India (Support SMS Alert, Email Alert, Chrome Browser Notification).. Globally will be coming soon..
Auto Checkout Introduced for Flipkart( Default Address will be selected , Payment Selection & Completion need to be done by user)

Get features like Best deals, Price Graph, pricetracker and much more

Keep checking we are adding features frequently.

Price Tracker v1.2.50