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谷歌浏览器插件Price Tracker for Alibaba 阿里巴巴价格检测

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Price Tracker for Alibaba是一款针对阿里巴巴的价格监测插件,安装插件后可以显示价格历史图表,显示3/6/12月内的价格历史。支持收藏产品,将产品添加到收藏夹中,并在其价格下降时接收推送通知。

AliPrice.com — Your price tracker for Alibaba.
It’s a price tracker for Alibaba.com
Now it has 3 main features.

✔ Price history chart, display price history within 3/6/12 mo.
✔ Favorites, add product to your favorites and receive a push drop alert when its price drops.
✔ Shortcuts and search box
If there are any problems or advice, just feel free to let me know. Email: lin@aliprice.com

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Price Tracker for Alibaba v2.4.4