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谷歌浏览器插件Pinterest Keyword Tool – ClipRise Pinterest关键词SEO研究工具

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Pinterest Keyword Tool是专门针对Pinterest平台的关键词研究工具。

Pinterest Keyword Tool For Enhanced Keywords & Image Pin Posts
(Formerly “Pinterms”) Pinterest tools to help you get more visibility on the social network pinterst. Use our advanced keyword and hashtag generators to make sure your pins get the most visibility for your pinterest marketing.

How to use the tools to find keywords:

Keyword Research – Right click on the “C” logo and click on “Options”. Enter your main search phrase and hit start

Keywords In Pins – Click on “Create Pin” on Pinterest. When the add a new pin screen appears, enter your main search phrase. Once you get the results, highlight the keywords that you want to be included in your pin description, then click on “Keywords”. It’s the ultimate in Pinterest keyword software!

Pinterest Keyword Tool v1.6