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谷歌浏览器插件PageProbe 自动监视页面变化

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PageProbe 是一款网页内容监测工具,可以针对某个元素进行监测,比如常用的价格监测,粉丝数量,股票价格情况,帖子收到多少赞……

Create automatic monitors for detecting and scanning changes on web pages.
Why PageProbe?

We believe that people want to save both time and money.

We believe there are several things people want to follow on regular basis such as:
– the current price of an expensive item (such as a television) that you would like to purchase so that you can find the lowest price and the best discount to save money
– the current price of a company X stock in the stock market to find out when it is time to buy or sell in order to optimize your profits
– the current price of an item in an online auction in order to bid at the last minute “just enough”
– the number of followers you have in your social media accounts
– the number of likes your social media post has received
– the status of your web application or related software builds
– the latest new post on forum Y
– the latest top article with a specific Twitter search

We believe that people are evaluating the things they monitor based on certain conditions and when those conditions are met, they will take action. For example, the price of the television that you want will drop below certain price.

PageProbe v1.38.1