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谷歌浏览器插件ModernDeck – 桌面 Twitter 客户端

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ModernDeck 是一个基于 TweetDeck 的 Twitter 客户端,它拥有优美及易于使用的界面,也包含了 TweetDeck 的功能。

您可以自定义 ModernDeck 的外观,包括:
– 模块和文本大小
– 字体
– 主题和色彩方案
– 头像大小和形状

ModernDeck 支持多种语言及平台,若需详情请访问:https://moderndeck.org/download

The most powerful Twitter client for desktop.
ModernDeck is a TweetDeck-based Twitter client with a beautiful, Material Design-inspired interface. It combines the power of TweetDeck with the ease-of-use you expect from a Twitter client.

You can customize how ModernDeck looks and acts to make it your own, including:
-Size of columns and text
-Themes, including alternate color schemes
-Size and shape of profile pictures
And much more

ModernDeck is available in several languages, and is also available for other platforms at https://moderndeck.org/download

ModernDeck – 桌面 Twitter 客户端 v8.0.4