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谷歌浏览器插件Image Vectorizer将图像矢量化转换成svg

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Image Vectorizer

Image Vectorizer

Image Vectorizer是一个可帮助您矢量化任何图像的浏览器插件,在浏览器中轻松矢量化图像,转换为SVG!

Easily vectorize an image (convert to SVG) in your browser!
Image Vectorizer is a browser extension that helps you vectorize any image.

It accepts a wide variety of input images including “.png”, “.jpg”, “.bmp”, and many more. Simply drag & drop an image in the addon (top-left corner of the interface) and then click on the – Convert to SVG – button at the bottom. The vectorized image will be rendered at the result box (top-right corner). You can also choose your desired serializing method from the drop-down list within the UI. The pre-set method is the – default – method. There are 15 other methods to choose from the list. There is also a – live preview – checkbox to make the vectorizing process on the fly. As you change any method, the result will be rendered in the top right section without pressing the convert button. Once a rasterizing process is done, the vectorized image will be displayed in the top-right corner with a download button attached to it. Click on this button to download the image to your machine. Please note that the download location is the default download folder in your browser.

Image Vectorizer (Convert to SVG) v0.1.2.0