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谷歌浏览器插件Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger 语法及拼写检查 英语写作加强

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Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger也是一款英语工具,功能有上下文语法,拼写检查器,同义词,翻译和字典!同样适用于母语和非母语英语的人,您可以使用Ginger Page来增强您在商务信函、学术文档和社交写作中的写作能力。

Improve your English communication with Ginger’s #1 spelling and grammar checker!
Perfect your English with Ginger Page – Contextual Grammar, Spell Checker, Synonyms, Translations and Dictionary!

Ginger Page for Chrome is the ultimate tool for writing, offering everything you need to write great English in your favorite websites.

It includes a full set of features to ensure that you make the most out of all of your written communications: Equally suited for both native and non-native English speakers, you can use Ginger Page to enhance your writing in business correspondence, academic documents and for social writing.

• World’s #1 Proofreader – Focus on expressing your ideas while Ginger Page ensures that your sentence structure, grammar, spelling and punctuation are error-free.

• Rephrase – Get smart suggestions to rephrase your text that are in line with your intended message. Ginger Page offers you different options that convey your message with more clarity and style.

• Translation – Quickly translate your text between 40 different languages. Write mixed text or entire messages and translate it into English or any of the other supported languages.

• Quick access to definitions and synonyms.

• Ginger Live Corrections – Working alongside Ginger Page, Ginger’s Chrome extension provides live, as-you-type corrections.

• Favorites – Save your text so that you can use it again later — synced across all your platforms.

Use Ginger Page’s proofreader, which is based on advanced, patent-pending technology, to immediately benefit from corrections that are more than six times more accurate.

Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger v2.0.111


Grammar and Spelling checker by Ginger v2.0.189.0