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谷歌浏览器插件Gitako 类似于Octotree树状结构形式查看Github项目代码

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Gitako 是一款功能类似于Octotree的插件,专门针对Github项目的浏览优化插件,可以以树状结构形式查看GitHub上的项目代码。

File tree for GitHub, and more than that.
The FASTEST file tree extension for GitHub.

– 📂 neat file tree for repository and pull request
– 🔎 instant file search and navigation
– 🕶️ support private repositories and GitHub enterprise
– 🏎 extremely fast even in gigantic projects
– ⌨️ intuitive keyboard accessibility
– 🗂 support git submodule
– ↔️ resizable layout
– 📋 copy snippets and file
– 🎨 friendly UI and rich icons

NO BS POLICY: Gitako doesn’t share about your privacy data at all. GitHub access tokens are required only when you access private repositories or exceed GitHub API rate limit. Gitako stores access tokens in your chrome extension storage (not localstorage) and uses them only to authenticate with GitHub.

Gitako v2.5.0