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谷歌浏览器插件Color Picker 网页颜色拾色器 图片颜色识别插件

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Color Picker是一款在您浏览网页的时候,使用滴管工具即可在所选位置自动拾色。

Cool Color Picker for chrome browser. Extension allows you to quickly pick any color on any website using so-called “eye-dropper tool”.
With our new Auto color picker you can detect any color you want and then easily take out RGB values. If you want to pick color manually you can easily use abovementioned eyedropper. App also shows a dominant color on a certain page. Simple and cool!

– For manual color detection use “eyedropper”.
– To enable “eyedropper” tool simply choose “Pick color from web page” option.
– Dominant color of the page is displayed in the upper right corner on the extension icon.
Attention: this application is not available on system pages and does not work in Chrome Web Store due to security restrictions
Key features:
– Simple “eyedropper tool”
– Works automatically while you are browsing
– Shows dominant page color
– Three formats are available: html color name, RGB color code, CSS color.

Color Picker v1.0