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谷歌浏览器插件BibItNow! 引文工具 科研学术插件

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BibItNow! 是一款科研学术插件,主要功能在于以Bibtex、RIS、Endnote、APA、MLA、(B)Arnold S.或任何用户定义的格式生成期刊文章、书籍、论文和通用网页的书目项目。

Instantly generates a Bibtex, RIS, Endnote, APA, MLA or (B)Arnold S. bibliography item from journal articles, books, etc. .
BibItNow! is a lightweight tool that focuses solely on extracting citation data from websites and formatting it into a bibliography item as quickly and as correctly as possible. Click the extension’s tool bar icon or press the browser action shortcut keys when surfing on the abstract page of a journal article, a book, a thesis, or on any other web page, and the extension will try everything to extract all the data you want. In the format you like, with the encoding it needs! Decide whether you want to simply copy to clipboard, download a file or open it with the program of your choice!

Main Features

– Versatility: Generates bibliography items of journal articles, books, theses and generic web pages in the Bibtex, RIS, Endnote, APA, MLA, (B)Arnold S. or any user-defined format.

– Quick workflow: No more need to mess with the publisher’s export button! One click or key stroke to extract the data and either show it in the popup (DEFAULT: ALT+C) , automatically copy it to clipboard (DEFAULT: Alt+W), or to download it as file (DEFAULT: ALT+Q). In the popup, a second click or key stroke lets you copy the data, open a redirection link or download/open the citation with your favorite library software. The extension furthermore comes with a set of options purely aimed at improving your workflow. For example, the plugin automatically generates a clickable and easily copyable DOI link if a DOI is found, or it can generate any other user defined link based on the available citation data. The plugin can also be configured to automatically highlight the citation text, enabling completely mouseless operation.

BibItNow! v0.908.0.0