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谷歌浏览器插件Automation Anywhere 机器人流程自动化插件

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Automation Anywhere 机器人流程自动化插件,支持Enterprise A2019和Community Edition,并简化了自动登录配置。

Automation Anywhere是一家专门做自动化处理的公司,将人们从重复性的单调工作中解放出来。

Automation Anywhere Enterprise extension to automate web applications in Google Chrome.
Automating in Chrome just got easier with Automation Anywhere Enterprise A2019.

This extension supports Enterprise A2019 and Community Edition and eases the auto-login configuration process, as well as record and playback of actions within the Chrome browser. Recording of web tasks in all popular technologies such as HTML, Java, and more are supported using object cloning technology. Detailed information related to the recorded actions is populated, enabling the user to automate tasks quickly in a seamless manner.

Automation Anywhere v11.1.0.0