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谷歌浏览器插件AutoControl Shortcut Manager 自定义Chrome的本地快捷方式 快捷键

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AutoControl Shortcut Manager 是一款自定义Chrome的本地快捷方式的插件,支持创建自己的快捷方式、鼠标手势、书签快捷方式等。

Customize Chrome’s native shortcuts, Create your own shortcuts, Mouse gestures, Bookmark shortcuts, and more.
★ Key Features ★

➭ Change or disable Chrome’s native shortcuts.
➭ Create your own custom shortcuts.
➭ Shortcuts may include keyboard keys, mouse buttons
and joystick buttons.
➭ Shortcuts support wildcards to allow or disallow extra keys.
➭ Shortcuts can have multiple steps.
➭ You can assign shortcuts to bookmarks and bookmark folders.
➭ Shortcuts may be local to Chrome or global.
➭ You can define your own mouse gestures.
➭ Gestures support horizontal, vertical and diagonal directions.
➭ You can restrict shortcuts and gestures to specific websites.
➭ Shortcuts and gestures work on ALL tabs (PDF documents included).
➭ Create custom toolbar buttons to perform any desired action.
➭ Create custom menus with your open tabs, closed tabs, bookmarks,
bookmark folders and more.
➭ Menus can display tab thumbnail previews.
➭ Supports a wide variety of actions: Tab actions, Window actions,
Bookmark actions, Clipboard actions and more.
➭ Actions can be applied to one or more tabs and windows
➭ Actions are composable, they may be simple or complex.
➭ Provides a scripting API and script editor that allows to build
your own custom actions.
➭ AutoControl works offline. No need for an internet connection.
➭ AutoControl does not access or collect your personal data.

AutoControl Shortcut Manager v2020.5.26.1