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谷歌浏览器插件Android SDK Search Android SDK 搜索及源码阅读

开发者工具 chrome插件网 扫描二维码分享

Android SDK Search是一款开发者工具,专门为Android开发的开发者准备,如果要查阅相关的API文档和浏览源码,这个插件很有用。Android SDK Search提供了Android SDK 搜索,源码阅读的功能。

Adds an ‘ad’ omnibox command and view source links for the Android SDK.
This very simple extension does two things:

1. Adds an ‘ad’ command to the Chrome Omnibox. For example, typing ‘ad ViewGro’ will bring up a list of all class names in the Android SDK matching ‘ViewGro’—selecting a list item navigates to the relevant Android SDK Reference URL on developer.android.com.

2. Adds a ‘(view source)’ link next to the SDK class name for class reference pages on developer.android.com. Clicking this link navigates to the relevant Google Code Search results from android.git.kernel.org.

Android SDK Search v0.3.16